5 Tricks for your snake not die in Slither.io

It is the fashion game, and suffered lag or delay proves it. And that Slither.io is dying of success to more players than their servers can support . However, this is just an added difficulty giving you morecharisma and encourages to continue playing . But how to get hold more than a couple of minutes in this simple but addictive game ? ¿ How to survive and increase the size of your snake ?Unfortunately, there is no direct trick more than practice to become a master. However, if you are new to this game, you may want to read these five tips to master Slither.io quickly.

Patience and perseverance

Yes, it is a very blunt advice, but more than necessary in this title multiplayer . We must not lose sight that this is a game where strategies of many people around the world on the same board meet game.Something that causes constantly die. Until we get to develop the technique and survive longer, it is best to be patient and try to practice the following points to sneak into the top of the leaderboard.

slither.io tricks

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Small downtown, large outside

We all know that to grow in Slither.io is necessary to eat pellets , and the center of the mapping is where there is more fighting and Orbs. Precisely for this reason it should approach this region in the first minutes of the game when it is still small and nimble to navigate between other snakes and gain a good amount of mass feeding on the remains left by other players when they die . Once you have acquired certain size, it is best to go to the outskirts of the map, where large snakes are no longer at risk both for further development.

Do not be greedy, be ready

During the growth process, in the center of the mapping, you’ll find many opportunities to feed on the remains of other larger snakes. However, although most tempting is sprinting to collect all these points, it is likely that this technique end to your game prematurely. So, it is better not to be greedy, collecting only a portion of matter that has left the other snake and ensuring our own existence, and there will be another opportunity to grow. In fact, it is likely that if we walk slowly about all this stuff, other snakes collide against us, generating more food.

slither.io tricks

Protect your food

Closely related to the previous trick, it is the art of protecting our food . So when we get a snake die when they hit us, it is best to surround only a portion of their points with our own body . Thus, although not recover all their balls, we will defend a lot, creating a barrier with our body against which other snakes can collide.

It only takes a run at the end of the game before

In Slither.io sprinting can be quite useful, but surely becomes the main reason for your deaths. It isuseful to approach a food bank before the others, but their abuse can not maniobremos properly and end up crashing against each other. Therefore, the ideal is to make small pulsations in particular momentss and, if possible, in a straight line. This will avoid the greatest dangers in control of our snake. Yes, avoid estamparte against anything you see ahead.